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Solarpunk is an optimistic view of the future. Here at Solarpunk Life we are striving to take steps each day towards that future where everyone, and we mean everyone, can have a life worth living. 

As we go on this journey of discovering better ways to live now for a better future we will be documenting our findings in a series of YouTube videos and blog posts to try to excite and inform those of you who are coming along with us. Not everything we try will be right for everyone, but everything we share will be right for some of you. We'd love to hear your feedback on our content and look to get suggestions from you on things we should check out.

For our videos, please subscribe to our YouTube channel at

For feedback, please send us an email at or comment on our blog posts here.

We are also on Facebook at

Thanks for joining us, and as always, 

Do Good, 

Be Good

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